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In today's increasingly digitized world, nonprofits understand that they need to invest in technology to increase their effectiveness and scale their impact. At Civic Hall Labs, we understand that while nonprofits have tremendous vision and subject matter expertise, they often lack robust digital teams that can pull through complex projects related to using and building technology. To fill this gap, the Delta.NYC program brings together teams of experienced digital professionals to work with organizations over the course of 8-10 weeks on a digital project.

The impact of Delta pro bono teams extends far beyond the dollar value of the services provided by our volunteers:

  • CRM and case management systems cut down on labor time and create a better service experience
  • Social media and marketing campaigns drive awareness and donation dollars
  • Data analysis and data visualization tools help nonprofits tell their story and inform public policy decisions
  • Nonprofit professionals, who actively collaborate with our pro bono teams, are exposed to new approaches and tools, and develop skills they can incorporate in their daily work. 
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Among our nonprofit partners in 2017, 100% said Delta.NYC improved their understanding for how technology can impact their organization. In addition to helping nonprofits to overcome budget shortfalls to take on key operational objectives, our teams offer nonprofit professionals an opportunity to improve digital literacy and digital strategy at the organizational level so they can make better decisions around technology going forward.

We always knew how much improved use of tech could impact the organization. The how was unclear. By increasing our understanding of how to maximize the use of our current tools, we are improving the org's tech capacity and learning. 

Jennifer Powell, Director of Development, United Neighborhood Houses




4-6 weeks

During discovery, we work alongside you to determine your organization’s needs and goals. This involves a number of conversations between your team, Civic Hall Labs and the volunteer Product Manager (PM). Together, we will choose a digital challenge for the Delta.NYC team to solve.



Time Commitment
1 hour/week

8 weeks

We bring on a Product Manager (PM) and recruit a multidisciplinary team to work with you during project execution. You'll meet with the team a number of times throughout the program, and they'll use their expertise to tackle your challenge. You'll also have a chance to meet the other teams and nonprofits participating in the program to exchange learnings, best practices and spark new ideas.


Time Commitment
3-5 hour/week


2 weeks

While we regularly check-in and evaluate progress throughout the project execution phase, we also conduct a more formal evaluation after you've received all deliverables. We'll evaluate both the impact of the specific deliverables on your organization and open the floor to feedback for how we can improve the Delta.NYC program.

Time Commitment
1 hour/week