A Pilot of Civic Hall Labs
Delta.NYC: Professional Experience. Professional Impact.

Rapid proliferation of personal and mobile computing has transformed business and our private lives. However, as technology advances , so too does the gap between those who have access and those who do not. This divide is stark in the nonprofit sector, where too many organizations providing critical services to those most in need lack the digital skills and tools that could further their practice.  

Thoughtful structural investments are working to level the playing field in the long term. But today, the need remains, alongside the potential for a pro bono technology ecosystem.

Delta.NYC seeks to bridge this gap.

We believe there are talented tech professionals who want to direct their creative energy toward furthering the public good. Civic Hall Labs has launched an investigation into the barriers traditionally faced by volunteer technologists, resulting in the Delta.NYC model: an experimental path forward for pro bono tech. Launching as a pilot in fall 2016, Delta.NYC brought together digital professionals in NYC to collaboratively use digital know-how and executed well-scoped, short-term projects for NYC nonprofits.


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