Delta.NYC is a pro bono tech program seeking to bridge the digital divide between the technology and public interest sectors. This program allows passionate digital professionals to lend their services on meaningful projects for local NYC organizations working towards a more equitable, just and democratic society.

Local NYC organizations do important, life-changing work, but they often lack crucial digital resources, skills, and tools that could dramatically advance their missions. Meanwhile, there are many highly skilled and passionate digital professionals looking to give back to their communities, but don’t know how to best donate their time. 

Delta.NYC seeks to bridge this gap. We bring together digital professionals to execute well-scoped, short-term projects for NYC public interest organizations pro bono.

We had an amazing team of volunteers who worked with us to understand the problem we wanted to solve in order to better support our partner organizations, and then designed and built a tool to do it for us. With their tech skills and our domain knowledge, we were able to co-create a really useful data product, and that’s going to benefit a lot of people.
— Noelle Francois, Executive Director of Heat Seek

Program Model

Delta.NYC is designed to make the experience of pro bono tech more efficient, meaningful and fun for both digital professionals and nonprofit partners.

Civic Hall Labs recruits and works alongside a variety of NYC nonprofits to scope projects.

Digital professionals apply and folks with appropriate skills are accepted into the program.

Accepted professionals self-select on to project teams based on their skills, availability, and interests.

Digital professionals and their partner nonprofits work together to complete the project deliverable.

At the end of the program, participants present their work to their peers and reflect on their experiences.

Core Tenets

Successful pro bono tech projects are difficult. That’s why we incorporate a number of mechanisms into our programming to ensure projects are not only completed, but sustained beyond completion. Delta.NYC is built on the following core tenets.

Create Together

Pre-Scoped Projects

Formal Program Structure

Cross-Functional Teams

In-Person Collaboration

Web of Accountability

Open Channels of Communication


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