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Bailey’s Cafe

Designed a brand new website including new information architecture, an overhaul of all website content and a marketing plan to better leverage using digital channels for fundraising.

Sadie Nash Leadership Project

Identified personas, created and enhanced content on various platforms, and developed a cohesive branding strategy to better speak to both participants and potential donors.

Foundation for NY’s Strongest

Created a brand new website, brand strategy, logo, and communications strategy to support the Foundation’s goals of elevating respect for sanitation workers and reducing waste sent to landfills.

All In Together

Developed a comprehensive community engagement strategy and accompanying digital tool for workshop participants.


We partnered with Services for GLBT Elders (SAGE) to kickstart the refresh of the SAGE website with an aim to launch their new branding and website by Pride 2018, the 40th anniversary of the organization (website now live sageusa.org).

Cooperative Economics Alliance

Reskinned website and developed digital marketing tools and templates to assist with membership and fundraising efforts.

Rebuilding Together NYC

Created a comprehensive plan for an impact evaluation, including multiple surveys and analysis strategy. Additionally, the team identified some potential bottlenecks in the homeowner application process and addressed these through a UX redesign, which they tested through user interviews.

Resilience Advocacy Project

Performed an analysis and provided recommendations for digital evaluation tools allowing for a more secure and streamlined data collection and evaluation process.

Citizens Committee for Children of New York

Helped CCC determine suitable digital methods and tools to remotely survey target audiences about community assets and needs both citywide and in specific geographic locations.

Help USA

Developed a dashboard in Tableau Reader to help the executive team better understand programmatic impact metrics and reevaluate resources allocation.

Carroll Gardens Association

Proposed and configured a low-cost digital constituent relationship management (CRM) tool that will improve CGA employees’ and volunteers’ daily efforts to manage tenant and domestic workers programs constituent contact information, relationships, outreach, and event information related into a centralized interface.

Educational Alliance

Built a Proof-of- Concept tool for digital Mobility Bridge Form to prove the value of an effective data capture and analysis tool.

Community Action for Safe Apartments (CASA)

Built a simple visualization tool that allows CASA to see which of their stakeholders are the most and least engaged – allowing them to identify who will be the most likely to attend events and highest potential to become a CASA leader.

Generation Citizen

Optimized Generation Citizen’s volunteer placement process, enabling them to expand and scale the impact of their work.

Cooperative Economics Alliance

Developed a digital strategy for cultivating and engaging people who are interested in CEANYC’s work and may donate/engage in the future while staying true to CEANYC’s core community. 

Exalt Youth

Set up a system for ExaltYouth to better execute a simple donation experience (encapsulating data, UX, marketing, and audience development).

Immigration Equality

Helped target their social media and outreach strategy in order to amplify their message and educate the general public.

The Fortune Society

Equipped them with the right tools and knowledge to create thoughtful, data-driven marketing strategies that help them funnel the right people to their website and donor page.

United Neighborhood Houses

Developed a custom social media strategy and playbook for UNH to initiatie, participate in and benefit from social media to maximize organic awareness.

Brooklyn Cooperative Federal Credit Union

Recommended “best-state” architecture for a banking software solution, including analysis of cloud, cloud-hybrid, and on-site architectures, multi-year expected costs, transfer procedure for migrating to new architecture and a recovery strategy in new architecture. Recommended risk management framework for staying the course with current architecture, including best-practices and reasonable expectations for server design, analysis on current IT systems and recovery strategy in existing architecture.

Neighborhood Housing Services of NYC

Conducted a comprehensive IT Security Audit, including an assessment of its IT infrastructure, security practices, and policies and procedures.

OutRight Action International

Evaluated security concerns and potential solutions and developed implementation plan for chosen solution. OutRight will be able to pilot and roll out this solution, which should vastly mitigate their cybersecurity risk in this area.  The team also prepared a Security Awareness Training to outline the most critical set of security best practices for the entire OutRight team.

Association for Neighborhood & Housing Development

Created an accessible, easy-to-use interactive web tool that demonstrates the rapidly changing demographics of NYC.

Center for NYC Neighborhoods

Built a virtual Homeowner Hub and SMS web tool that gets NYC residents the information they need efficiently, enabling the Center to scale the impact of their work.


Designed and developed a Streetlives Street Team app that allows for volunteers and Street Team members to validate and add information about thousands of services including shelters and food banks.

I’ll Go First

Designed and built an end-to-end digital experience aiming to provide a safe space and resources for those inflicted with trauma to share their story and keep them on the right path to healing mentally. The experience also better equips partner organizations in helping their patients make progress and improve their well-being.

Vera Institute of Justice

Developed an exploratory web application that visualizes data around police enforcement trends, answering important questions around who the police arrests and why, the effectiveness of current enforcement approaches, and how much crime goes unreported each year.

Digital Audit

Nonprofit Coordinating Committee

Conducted a comprehensive digital audit to inform NPCC on how to maximize staff efficiency and develop insights that inform targeted membership growth. Specifically, performed research and provided recommendations around a membership data strategy, email, AdWords and Social Media optimization, and eLearning tools.