NYC BigApps 2017

NYC BigApps 2017 is the premier civic innovation initiative for New York City. NYC BigApps is led by the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC). This year’s competition is powered by Civic Hall Labs and supported by a broad array of program partners and sponsors.  

For the last seven years, the BigApps competition has challenged entrepreneurial teams to create innovative products and services that address critical civic and urban issues in New York City and improve quality of life for New Yorkers. Launching in January 2017, BigApps will once again ask New Yorkers, designers, developers, academics, and entrepreneurs to apply their know-how to improve New York City.


2017 Foci: NYC Youth, Seniors & Immigrants

More than ever before, the NYC BigApps 2017 competition starts with people. In 2016, NYCEDC and Civic Hall Labs partnered because they shared a vision that innovation and entrepreneurship led by New Yorkers can help today’s daily and institutional challenges. New Yorkers are inventive, aspirational, and scrappy, and under the the right conditions and with the right incentives, there’s nothing we can’t do.

With that conviction in mind, BigApps 2017 focuses on the constituencies of youth, immigrants, and seniors. More than that, the competition was designed in partnership with these New Yorkers and the local nonprofits who support them. BigApps applied human-centered design principles to uncover the challenges, concerns, and opportunities of New York City’s youth, immigrants, and seniors through seven in-depth active listening sessions with over a hundred people.  You can read about them here.

Three trends surfaced across youth, immigrants and seniors, yielding this year's challenges: How can data and technology improve the quality of life for New York City youth, seniors, and immigrants through solutions in transportation, knowledge, and community resiliency?

This year, competition participants will have access to seven ideation and prototyping workshops that will help participants develop products and services that address pressing challenges faced by New York City Youth, Immigrants, and Seniors.