Our open infrastructure powers the Labs and supports others in applying technology for public good. Each project is dedicated to providing a sustainable, scalable tools that increases cross-sector collaboration, public participation, and data collection and sharing.


     Current projects in development include:

  • The Motherboard Project (research and infrastructure for the field and our projects)
    A research and collaboration initiative dedicated to the study and advancement of the civic tech field. Termed the “Motherboard Project” for the way in which this endeavor will serve as a living circuit board that enables information sharing across the industry, this will be civic tech’s first and only full-time knowledge and development center, dedicated to regularly updated reporting, analyzing what is working, establishing consistent analytical standards, and promoting the access and adoption of this resource as the core processor for the field. It will include a mavens program that serves as a living, human “reference librarian”-style cohort of experts in different civic tech domains to do referrals to contacts and resources who can help further the work of seekers.

  • Cut Group

A 750-person cohort of everyday people from a representative array of communities who do UX testing or provide focus group style feedback on existing civic tools, prototypes, projects, or theories produced by the Motherboard Project initiatives or members of the civic tech community more broadly. Good civic tech builds with, not for, by including people who are not usually asked for input and feedback during the development process. The CUT Group will provide a New York-based platform for a more diverse set of voices to provide feedback on the development of civic tech. By testing the Motherboard Project’s research and ideas, the CUT Group will play a key role in grounding the feedback and iteration practices of this initiative in the lived experiences of ordinary users.


  • Tech Talent Pipeline

Tech Talent Pipeline project is a match-making platform for connecting tech and design professionals interested in volunteering their time with public interest organizations in need of technology support.

  • Civic Accelerator

Harnessing the ingenuity of citizens and the power of technology in service of government and our public well-being, Civic Accelerator is an educational platform that works with residents to become citizen inventors and impact entrepreneurs through part-time training in design-thinking, prototyping, and start-up methodology. It also assists mid-stage start-ups with the strategic, legal, procurement, and culture challenges that can arise when developing a product to government or the public sector.