Rapid proliferation of personal and mobile computing has transformed business and our private lives. However, today’s public challenges remain, by comparison, mostly untouched by the digital revolution. Concerted, thoughtful action is required to apply 21st century digital tools to improve the public good while mobilizing new kinds of civic participation.  

As the R&D arm of Civic Hall, Civic Hall Labs seeks to reimagine civic participation for the 21st century; expand the field of civic tech; and demonstrate a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to designing and building technology for the public good.

We define civic tech as the use of technology for public good, and we define public good as issues connected to the welfare and well-being of the general public. Distinct from our private lives, the public good deals with shared challenges and opportunities at a societal level.


Our Values

  • Collaborative
  • Pragmatic
  • Open
  • Experimental
  • Evidence-based