Justice Lab

Bringing together key players in the criminal justice and community development ecosystems, we're exploring opportunities as to how open data standards, open infrastructure, machine learning, and mobile technology can support health and human service providers on the front lines serving those in need.

Open Referral Project

Open Referral is making it easier to share, find, and use information about the health, human, and social services available to people in need. Founded by Greg Bloom, Open Referral is promoting open data standards and interoperable technologies—the foundations of a healthy information ecosystem that is necessary for holistic, rehabilitative care. Civic Hall Labs is hosting Open Referral as it supports pilot projects across the country—and around the world—in which diverse stakeholders such as help-hotline call-centers, web startups, and front-line service providers collaborate to develop sustainable 'open data' business models. In doing so, we are opening a new frontier in civic technology practices: building the infrastructure for a 21st century safety net.

Are you someone who has worked on justice issues either within the criminal justice system or at the community level? Do you have institutional knowledge, historical context, and understand the pressing day-to-day issues on the ground? Do you know the field, the relevant players, and current hot topics being debated? Be a part of our work. Email: programdirector@civichalllabs.org.