Launching the 2016 Healthy Public Challenge

This summer, with the support of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Civic Hall Labs is hosting the Healthy Public Challenge to catalyze innovation in addressing the civic roots of health.

Civic Hall Labs exists to collaboratively design and build technology for the public good. As one of our themed labs, Health Lab uses an interdisciplinary approach to shift from the mainstream notion of health as disease management to addressing the civic roots of health. We have launched the Healthy Public Challenge to catalyze innovation addressing the civic roots of health in order to further a Culture of Health. Instead of focusing on public health by managing disease, we want to ask the question of what makes a healthy public.

At a time when ideological divisions deepen disengagement, classism and racism isolates communities, and disinvestment in the safety nets destabilizes families, the health of our public is deeply threatened. These civic roots have a tremendous impact on the physical and mental health and wellbeing of our communities. To create a healthy public, we believe that technology can be used as a tool to ensure the public’s vitality against the chronic maladies of isolation, disempowerment, and instability.

Civic Hall Labs has launched the Healthy Public Challenge as a call for solutions that build a healthy society in these three target categories:

Civic Cohesion
Civic Agency
Public Assets

Submissions are now open to all entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals, academics, technologists, designers, planners, university students, and the public at large to propose civic solutions that have the potential to create a healthy public.

Make sure to check out the Challenge website to learn more about the official rules.