Technology in and of itself will not save us. Technology wielded as a tool by an empathetic, informed public can.

We believe that 21st century digital tools have tremendous potential to advance the public good when designed, developed, and scaled through inclusive processes that allow sector experts, the public, government, and philanthropy to collaborate with data scientists, designers, and developers.

As the R&D arm of Civic Hall, we collaboratively design and develop technology pilots that have measurable impact and the potential to scale.

Complex public challenges require unprecedented collaboration. We bring together sector experts, the public, funders, data scientists, researchers, designers, technologists, media makers, community groups, and entrepreneurs to explore how the use of design, data, and technology can create scalable, sustainable solutions. Join this diverse, multidisciplinary group of problem-solvers. Find out more.

Creating Pro Bono Tech That Works: Part 2

DeltaNYC Kickoff 5.jpg

Last week we discussed many of the challenges with establishing a culture of pro bono in the tech world. This week, with Delta.NYC officially underway, we want to talk about how the program is designed not only to circumvent the issues of most pro bono tech initiatives, but to deliver a meaningful experience to both the nonprofits and the digital professionals who help them.

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